Sample Development

Sample development workshop with Asiron

It was a nice day yesterday. I came here in Rangpur the night before yesterday. And yesterday was the 46th Independence Day of Bangladesh!

I went to one of our main producer Mrs. Asiron’s house. It’s around 10km far from the Rangpur main town. I had to change 3 different vehicle (Rickshaw,Autobike and Van) to go there. Not so hard……huh!?
The main reason for me to come here is to develop a new product for one of our buyer. Boss (Malin) and me are trying so hard to get the perfect sample since the last month. But it was almost impossible to give the producer a clear vision of what we are looking for just talking over the phone. So after many failed attempts I must have to come here to work with them directly.

And also keep Malin on the direct communication when the development is going on. Now we are hoping that we might be able to get the exactly same product according to our design.

The village is so nice and peaceful. People live around here is very friendly and talkative. Wish I could have a nice house in here for spending holiday ☺


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