WE (Worker Engagement program with QuizRR)

We all know that, human resource is the main key component for business. And in terms of production there is no alternative for “skilled and self-motivated” human resource aka workers. To keep workers motivated and skilled we do certain things like training, bonus, good working environment, cultural programs and lots of other stuffs. Recently “redQ” has been privileged to get the opportunity to train up the workers who are with us.

quizrr training in redq factoy  quizrr training in redq factoy
Play, Fun & Learn.

The pilot phase of the training is funded by one of redQ’s honorable buyer (Hats off to them J ) and provided by QuizRR. We decided to train two of our factories (Hand Touch and Hogla). The main purpose of the training is to building knowledge and engage workers as much as possible.  Workers learned about their rights, responsibilities, law and value by this training. The training session was so much fun and enjoyable to all of us. We almost complete 60% of our workers in the pilot phase. It takes three months to finish the phase.

award taking for redq
After successfully finished the training we got the Gold level membership award for both of our factory.

The pilot phase is complete now and after we evaluate our progress and development by the training, we decided to take the Advance course of the training for one of our factory. This advance level course will be running for two years and our goal is to train up 100% of our workers.

It will be more fun 🙂


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